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Alison is truly gifted at helping people realize their truths and live to their most radiant potential. Having her in my corner has kept me on track spiritually and professionally and knowing she is there to guide me is an enormous blessing in my life that I cherish. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking a clear or fresh perspective and to anyone who is wanting to know themselves and act with confidence. She is deeply intuitive and I’d trust her with anything.

Mesha Kussman Owner and Creative Direction of Aqualillies Entertainment

After time with Alison I feel like a Jedi Knight—she unlocks the force within me. Working together has helped me clarify my goals, shift my viewpoint, and helped catalyze a major paradigm shift in my life. I am endlessly grateful for my time with her.

Jordan Allen-Dutton Two-Time Emmy Nominated Writer

Hi, my name is Alison Miller-Newcomer. I live up-country on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii.

As a vocation and a passion, I coach and consult individuals to heal, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, so they can live their purpose.

I utilize an innovative method, where the art of Evolutionary Astrology meets the strategy of life coaching, offering a “short cut” to my client’s most pressing matters and issues.

As a consultant, I offer critical insight and powerful depth, that may otherwise be missed or take years to uncover.

I am an empathetic and sensitive intuitive, who has a good head on her shoulders, and a natural sense of “knowing things” without them having been spoken. This helps my clients to get to the heart of their matter quickly, and, more importantly, it helps them to strategize on how to move forward in a practical and efficient manner. Consequently, the feedback I receive from my clients is that they feel understood in a way they may rarely, if ever, have experienced in the past.

My professional expertise and education includes formal training and, as importantly, life experience. I am a graduate of “Strategic Intervention,” the official life-coaching program of Tony Robbins and Coach University. My professional astrological training descends from the lineage of Modern Evolutionary Astrology and Rosecrucian Astrology.

My astrological interpretive skills are complimented by additional training in the healing and psychic arts, which includes Controlled Remote Viewing, energy healing, and intuitive reading.

All of my coaching and consulting skills are preceded by fifteen years of service in the field of mind-body wellness. My services have included yoga and meditation instruction, hands on healing and therapeutic massage.

Alison is an incredibly sensitive and perceptive reader and life coach. Having worked with a number of specialists in this field before, I appreciate the balance between Alison’s inner abilities to perceive the inner workings of a person’s psyche, and her fluid communicative process through which she expresses her vision. She has a natural talent as a communicator, which when combined with her subtle inner vision allows a client to receive and work through material that they otherwise might have missed or avoided. I would recommend Alison’s services to anyone looking to deepen their insight into themselves and their lives.

W.B. Stewart President of Sacred Science Institute

12615174_1550907211890960_8535587958594363393_o (1)On a personal note, I am the joyful mother of a waddling toddler and the wife of a published author and intellectual revolutionary. The depth of love for my son, Hunter, and, husband, Nate, grows daily.

If you are looking for ways to heal your life and live on purpose, I’d love to assist you in that vision.

I can be reached at 808-269-2324 or ali@pointmeintherightdirection.com. Let’s talk soon.

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