Welcome to Point Me in the Right Direction (PMITRD). We are Nate and Ali, a husband and wife team and the owners and co-founders PMITRD.

PMITRD is a professional consulting company that specializes in working with individuals and relationships dedicated to a life of Health, Meaning, & Conscious Lifestyle Management.

It is our core belief, that to achieve a good life, a great life or an outstanding life, it starts with honoring, understanding and uplifting the individuality within each and every person.

Each individual has their own makeup–their own mind, their own body, their own DNA, their own story, each factor adding more complexity and diversity to their individuality. As the great father of psychology, Carl Jung, once stated:

“The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.”

As we all know this is true, it clearly expresses why the path to an extraordinary life of Health and Meaning is obviously a deeply individual process.

Thus, our highest value at PMITRD is that each and every human being needs to be seen as an original, as a unique, one-of-a-kind person, whole and complete unto itself. And that when that seed of individuality, that unique path to health and a life of meaning is truly honored and respected in the context of either a relationship or within themselves—and supported (either by a consulting, coaching or counseling approach), the means to achieving a high quality, high-vibe Conscious Lifestyle becomes readily clear and obtainable.

It is our mission at PMITRD to help you achieve and flourish along this path of individuality, to help lead you to a better tomorrow, to point the way to your own self-created version of “The Good Life”—a life of health, a life of meaning, a consciously created lifestyle.

And this is how we do it…