Mom Chart Consultations

Being a mom is the greatest gift and challenge of my life. Our time together has helped me become a better mom in so many ways. Especially with my time management—via our time together I know exactly what to do to regain my energy and be at my best for my kids.

Tanja Deluz, Freelance Writer

Knowledge is power. When you understand yourself, from the inside out, you become a better mom. Your ability to address your needs, take good care of yourself, and fulfill your dreams allows you to shine and be a positive role model for your children.

Have you heard the phrase…

“If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

This playful phrase holds more truth than you may realize. Moms hold an honored position of making or breaking the mood of anger, discontent, and crabbiness in their homes. Moms also have the power to set their home’s thermometer in both practical and spiritual ways.

When you have “bad” days or stress-filled moments, the degree of happiness and harmony in your home are a direct measure of your own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. If you are wrestling with an issue, feeling lost, overly stressed, or simply needing space to rejuvenate, it’s important that you understand yourself and what you need to help manage your energy. The good news is, Chart Consultations help you to proactively deal with your issues, manage your stress, and guide you to the best ways to manage your energy.

Of course, as a mom you may struggle, from time-to-time, to keep it all together. Chart consultations are a long-lasting resource that pragmatically helps to strengthen, encourage, and wisely inform your journey of motherhood. The journey to being a better mom starts within.

Thank you for this precious knowledge. I am often overwhelmed as a mom. This information has helped me stay on track, re-center and focus. I don’t know what would do with you!

Marci Whittle, Business Professional

Consultations help you to:

  • Establish deeper insight and clarity into your own temperament and what you need to be at your best.
  • Understand how your personal fulfillment is critical to being a healthy mom and family leader.
  • Create an identity and purpose that helps you to be the best mom you can be.
  • Make unconscious patterns conscious, identify issues, and patterns in your life that may adversely affect your ability to parent at the optimal level you desire.
  • Connect with practical strategies to help you heal from your own childhood wounds helping you to be more present for your children.
  • Create a strategic plan that helps you to unleash your potential alongside your children who are also unleashing their potential in their own unique way.


$ 125

Investment for 75 Minute Consultation

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