About Nate

I’ve been teaching Nate Newcomer the techniques of evolutionary astrology. What I didn’t need to teach him because he already had it in his bones was what I would call wisdom. I suspect he was born with that treasure already in place between his ears and in his heart.

Steven Forrest, Bestselling Author of The Inner Sky

Nate is a genius practitioner in my opinion. Not only has he found the information that is cutting edge, but his delivery inspires me to improve my own communication skills.

Gabe Marihugh Business Owner & Web Designer

Professional Astrologer, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Norwalk Juice Consultant, Father, Husband.

For over 12 years Nate has dedicated his life to learning the ways of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellness.

He advocates that the number one most important investment one can make in this life is into one’s full spectrum of health.


Health is the foundation that sustains creative, happy and peace-filled lives. Health creates the foundation for deep, meaningful and alive relationships. And health is one of the most obvious factors that reveals to other people if you’re an empowered and fulfilled human being.

To achieve a high level of health it seems that a wholistic all-encompassing approach is the “way”. Yet on Nate’s journey it has become obvious that one’s way is not another’s way, and thus why Professional Evolutionary Astrology (PEA) and its powers to assess the unique individuality inherent to every human being, has been so powerful. By using Evolutionary Astrology alongside the precision of Tony Robbin’s Coaching it has helped guide and provide the “right” direction to his client’s, to walking their own unique path to a life of health and fulfillment.

It has been a long journey to find the right tools and techniques to help provide answers, solutions and results to the diverse and wide range of clients that come to Point Me in the Right Direction. Nate is a firm believer in the powers and applications of PEA, and has seen amazing, life-changing results that follow when clients are supported to live an authentic life of health and wellness revealed in the analysis of his/her chart.

Nate’s life revolves around: serving and supporting his clients both personally and professionally degree, helping intimate relationships grow, deepen and become healthier, and raising a conscious child alongside his amazing wife and business partner Ali.

He carries the vision for a world which is united by health consciousness and self-awareness. His belief is, if you bring the people of this world from a state of sickness, disease and lack of information into a world of health, wellness and real education, you’ll see a shift from a world of separation and fear into a world of unity and compassion.

As self-awareness and self-education increases in the individual it spreads to the world, infecting it in the most positive way, changing the world one individual at a time.

Nate has lived in Australia, Arizona, California and Alaska and now resides in Maui, Hawaii. He is a professionally trained astrologer and apprentice to world class Evolutionary Astrologer: Steven Forrest. He has studied under Tony Robbins Strategic Interventionist Coaching Method & Six Human Needs Psychology. His favorite subjects include: Psychology, Theology, Quantum Theory, Biochemistry / Nutrition, & all branches of Philosophy.

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