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eqtemperamentsessionThere have been many studies that show IQ only accounts for about 20% of success. The major determinants of success are social and emotional intelligence. Yet there’s very little emphasis put on developing emotional intelligence.

Only a handful of schools have any formal programs that address emotional intelligence. This is why it is critical you, as a parent, invest and play an active role in guiding and developing your child’s EQ, based on their one of a kind temperament. Temperament sessions help you, with laser efficiency, get to the core of your child’s emotional nature and clearly lays out how to best develop a positive EQ foundation.

Understanding Temperament is Cornerstone to High EQ

Temperament refers to a set of innate or inborn traits that organize a child’s approach to the world. Temperament styles directly relate to a child’s behavior, reactions, and motivations. Temperaments are not passing moods, or phases in our attitudes. They are the foundation of our emotional natures. Temperaments are naturally occurring,  and cannot be taught or learned but, despite this fact, it can be nurtured as one grows.  A child and parent-child relationship greatly benefits from understanding a childs tempermant make up.

Temperaments are determined by nature, and benefit greatly from positive and conscious nurturance. 

Parents have an important role in nurturing both the EQ and temperament of their child from infancy.

Why does EQ matter:

  • EQ has a greater impact on success than other factors.
  • The ability to delay gratification is a primary indicator of future success.
  • High EQ leads to healthy relationships with others.
  • Emotional health impacts physical health.
  • Poor EQ is linked to unethical and unproductive behaviors.

Temperament sessions offer you rich and meaningful insight into your child’s emotional world and disposition:

  • Become aware of your children’s temperaments helps you to be more patient with them and set them up for success, especially the ones who have different temperaments than you do!
  • Get a new perspective concerning “behavior issues” and effective strategies to transform these “issues”.
  • “Do” and “don’t” in terms of disciplining and understanding the inner workings of each temperament.
  • The tools you need to understand your children and parent them with love and temperament-tailored positive discipline.
  • Successfully equip your child to handle interpersonal relationships.
  • Learn how to adapt your communication skills to best communicate and connect with your child.
  • Improve relationships, as frictional relationships a often result of unrecognized temperament differences, by learning how to look at the world through your child’s eyes.

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