Finding the right direction in life, isn’t something that just “happens to you.”

It’s something you create.



  • Our work together has transformed my life.  By our second session, I experienced tangible results that benefited my life more than a year of working with a traditional Western Therapist.  With the tools I have learned, I am morphing my life to the best possible reality.

    Hannah Pstyo, Permaculturist
  • This system of astrology is an extremely useful process that allows me to grow my awareness of these forces and empowers me to work with them more consciously.

    Lacy Berlin, Healer
  • Our work together gave me such a clear way to understand how to use my innate gifts more effectively, what blocks me and how to become more fulfilled in my life. I have and would recommend this work to anyone looking to further the fulfillment they seek in their personal and professional lives.

    Jonathan Beaudette, Professional Composer and Musician
  • Insight gained in our work together has been enormously helpful in improving my life experience and in advancing my career. In fact, each session seems to bring a spark of surprising, new self-knowledge, clearing away blockages that have been barring my progression and enabling me to reach long-held goals that had previously seemed beyond my grasp.

    R.F., Writer & Artist
  • Thanks again for your powerful insight and wisdom. Our time together had so much that was relevant for me.

    Eleanor Coppola, Filmmaker, Artist & Wife of Director Francis Ford Coppola
  • Thank you so, SOOO much for the consultation! That was incredibly insightful, helpful, and validating. Our time together was such a gift.

    Margit Boyesen, School Teacher & Photographer
  • Working together I have taken big leaps outside my comfort zone and redirected my focus to what is true for me. The payoff has been huge. I am forever grateful.

    Jared May, Professional Musician
  • Working together has led to invaluable growth, the greatest of which is confidence in my purpose. You have my sincere gratitude.

    Monique McKellop, Creative
  • PMITRD offers stellar coaching by remarkable people.  Shortly after we started working together I unexpectedly lost my job.  Instead of torpedoing down the rabbit hole of overwhelm and fear, coaching brought great clarity and perspective to the situation I was experiencing. I can't recommend them highly enough if you are seeking a more vibrant and purposeful life.  They are just that good.

    Andria Hopkins, Creative


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Author, Health Coach, Professional Astrologer, Personal Trainer, Max Gerson / Norwalk Juice Consultant, Father, Husband.

For over 12 years Nate has dedicated his life to learning the ways of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health and wellness.

He advocates that the number one most important investment one can make in this life is into one’s entire spectrum of health. Learn More


Alison is a professional coach and consultant whose mission is to help you heal and transform your life.

Combining the art of Modern Evolutionary Astrology and the strategy of professional life coaching, Alison helps you gain clarity, direction and purpose on your life path. Learn More

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