Hi, my name is Nate Newcomer and I am your go-to (POINT ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION) problem solver. Coaches or life consultants, are nothing other than professional problem-solvers when it comes down to it. 

I have a coaching philosophy that every problem that a human faces has AT-LEAST three components (or dimensions) to it.

A physical component.   

A mental component

And an Emotional/ Spiritual component.

To be a successful agent of support (a coach) to a person in search of answers, insight, and direction, you must be able to effectively solve problems.

Because typically all of the answers, insights and directions that we search for, are in relation to some problem.

Thus to be good at problem-solving—solving true problems around life, relationships, communication, health and lifestyle, and business, you must then be a GOOD holistic thinker.

Because each one of those problem areas has all three components to it!

Relationships are physical, mental and emotional, business is physical, mental and emotional, health is physical, mental, emotional… etc.

And that is what I am. A mystically oriented, wholistic thinking practitioner.

My background is in “individualized holistic coaching.

Coaching starts from the individuality level up.

If you know who your client better than 90% of the people in their life, you will have an incredible leg up in being the crucial pillar of support needed to overcome and bring results to their challenges and problems.

For if you know a person, you know this, strengths, weakness, motivations, and styles. All necessary bits of information to come up with a winning formula for success.

My particular line of work deals with understanding who a person is first from the soul (astrology) level, mental (Needs, Beliefs, Values model) level, and the physical level (personal training and health coaching). Once you understand thoroughly and proficiently who someone is, and what makes them tick, you then TOGETHER as a team, can come up with the authentic solutions and individual-specific strategies to actually make the progress that everyone seeks.

My practice is specialized to using individualistic techniques such as archetypal psychology / soul-astrology, Harville Hendrix’s Safe Conversations and Dialoguing techniques, as well as Tony Robbins Six Human Needs Psychology. Put together they are powerful in coaching and consulting individuals, relationships and teams.

Together with my own unique style of personal training and fitness see: StretchingResistance.com
I am the holistic problem solver and the coach for you and your challenges,  goals and dreams.

If you want to know more about my style of coaching and consulting please consider getting my book. THE WAY OF THE MYSTICAL ARTS.

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