Business & Entrepreneurial Coaching

To be your own boss, to do what you love, to create a business that means MORE to you, than just a paycheck. Entrepreneurship is where life is at.

Being a business owner in this 21st-century modern world is where life is at… 

The world is waking up to the fact today, that we all want control and leadership over our own professional lives, and that today is more possible than ever, and more realistic in this ever-increasing uncertain financial world.

Though what do all business-minded entrepreneurs need in their lives more than anything? Answer: The Space and time to clarify strategies, decision-making, and clear examination of interpersonal dynamics of the business.

When one has those, execution of their business, and the results that are yielded, tend to be vastly improved. 

At PMITRD business & entrepreneurial coaching, is all about giving you the professional, the best “space” and time to self-reflect and clarify what your best next steps and directions are as it comes to your business practices and professionalism.

Primary tools used in this package:

  • Tony Robbins Leadership Development
  • The Power of TED- Interpersonal management strategy
  • Safe Conversations-Harville Hendrix

Introductory Consult: $150

90 Day package: $2500