Way of the Mystical Arts Book

Inspired by Eastern mysticism, written from the perspective of pragmatic Western thought, The Way Of The Mystical Arts is a bold attempt at creating a modern-day western Tao Te Ching. It is one part poetry. One part philosophical Truth. One part original water-color calligraphy-based artwork. All authentically put together to artistically send a reader on a grand adventure toward their own Self-Actualization and deeper Self-Understanding of life, love, reality and spirituality. It is crafted for the purpose to connect you to your own path of seeking self-knowledge and the betterment of knowing who you truly are, and what you truly believe. Incapsulated in this volume of wisdom are over 189 short chapters filled with self-reflective abstract watercolor art and mind-expanding, poetically written, philosophical ponderings on the subjects and nature of life, love, reality and spirituality. And though it is clear what the stance and beliefs of the author’s are, it is written in a way for you, the reader, to actually better access what your ULTIMATE truths really are. The content of these wisdoms are short and simple enough to be cognitively digestible, but deep enough to be timelessly meaningful. The artwork is designed to colorfully break up the more serious tones and depths of contemplation by bringing some creative contrasts of wit, humor and lightness to the scene. It is a book that invites all curious souls—who avidly seek to expand their luminous spiritual minds—to simply open to a “random” page here or there, say while stuck in traffic, or relieving themselves in the washroom, or standing patiently in line, and let the magick of “synchronicity“ bring them to a page and passage that bestows inspiration, wonder and revelation. This book is intentionally created so that the reader is taken for the briefest of times to a place where they can bask freely in the wisdom of higher contemplation, and/or merrily escape into some witty mental elevation. The chapters and artwork are linked together thematically and sequentially, but there contains a nice diversity of content matter spread throughout the book so that the reader is never dulled by repetitive heady truth-telling, and instead, is kept curiously amused, and presently engaged through the full voyage of the book. Lastly, it is a fact that every spirit is on their own path of discovery and somewhere along the journey of Self-Actualization, and so with that truth in mind, I welcome you to take a leap of faith, and come journey with me on my path for 300+ pages, by experiencing the soul moving wisdom found within The Way Of The Mystical Arts. Yours truly, your Author, Nate N.