Life and Health Mentoring

Without optimal health, what is the value of living well? We all know that health is happiness, so for us to find our greatest joy, we must find our highest health. And that is a lifelong journey.

is what makes up holistic health.

We all are learning to find balance and optimal equilibrium in sustaining healthy growth, in these areas of health and wellness. When we do so, life feels completely fulfilling and meaningful. 

Coaching and Mentoring health is a really a two-way conversation about how YOU optimally manage and improve all of these interconnected avenues of life. So expect in this coaching to explore and dialogue upon the organic and holistic nature of your health created from these six areas of life. 


– Previous owner of Cleansing and Organic Juice company

-10,000 hours of life and health coaching education

– Astrologer and Author of The Way of The Mystical Arts 

Introductory Consult: $150

90 Day package: $2000